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Apothecary 4:1 Mist - Last Chance!

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Apothecary 4:1 Mist - Last Chance!

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Once these are gone we can no longer bring in as Apothecary has discontinued these. Apothecary is now Anonymous Content. Same product, different packaging. 4:1 mists offer significant advantages over other methods of administering medical cannabinoids: a micro-atomizer sprays a precise dose into the mouth. Absorption via oral mucosa into the bloodstream is fast and dependable. The oral spray is not processed by the digestive system and liver into a metabolite as occurs with orally ingested cannabinoids in edibles. This means the effect is similar to smoking cannabis but without the smoke.

Patients report that the precision-dose atomizer makes it easy to achieve the appropriate level of medication. Unlike edibles, you know within a few minutes if the initial dosage was sufficient. Start with 1–2 sprays, increasing by 1 spray at a time, if necessary.

Unlike edibles, the Mist is absorbed via oral mucosa directly into the bloodstream. Effect is similar to smoking cannabis but without the smoke. Onset within 15 minutes; lasts 1-2 hours.

Raspberry Flavor - 120mg THC : 30mg CBD

Black Cherry Flavor - 120mg CBD : 30mg THC

Sub-lingual and fast acting.

60 sprays per bottle.

Fast-acting alternative for discrete use (looks like breath freshener) and tastes great.

Convenient pocket/purse size.

Effective relief from all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain

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I would recommend this to anyone looking to receive the same high without killing your lungs
Review by Jerseygirl62 / (Posted on 10/28/2018)

Was excellent..a very smooth high , much cleaner than smoking but the same quality. Taste was smooth and easy to use.