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Apothecary Coconut Oil Canna Caps - 10mg THC/10mg CBD - Last Chance!

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Apothecary Coconut Oil Canna Caps - 10mg THC/10mg CBD - Last Chance!
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No longer being produced. Apothecary is now Anonymous Content. Same product, different packaging. Apothecary Coconut Oil Canna Caps (10mg THC/10mg CBD)

Vials of 10 (ten) & 30 (thirty) with child proof cap.

100% Organic infused Coconut Oil with CO2 extracted THC Oil.

10mg THC/10mg CBD

Effective relief from all forms of general inflammatory and neuropathic pain.

Reduce stress and pain.

Veggie caps.

Apothecary Canna Caps for pain relief are available in various dosages and perfect to reduce stress and promote physical relaxation. The caps are made with organic THC oil extract and are enhanced with organic coconut oil, which in itself is known for it’s anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits. Apothecary Canna Caps provide pain relief effects similar to aspirin, without the side affects. Canna Caps are absorbed by the liver and can take 1 – 2 hours to take effect and should be taken one at a time to ensure proper dosing.

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Great product. Helps my sleep uninterrupted.
Review by Amberleigh / (Posted on 7/8/2019)

Glad I got to try this before it's discontinued. It works. I'm trying to cut back on smoking it so am trying these pills, one morning, one before I go to bed. Great sleep, woke up feeling pretty happy and rested whereas I usually wake up about a dozen times. Wish me luck finding something as good when these are gone.

Sorry to see Apothecary Labs go....they manufacture EXCELLNT products such as Apothecary Coconut Oil Canna Caps - 10mg THC/10mg CBD
Review by Rosemary / (Posted on 12/11/2018)

I've only been using cannabis products for the last 19 months, to mitigate the challenging symptoms of Lyme Tick Disease which I've been battling for 10yr, 8mos now. I have eschewed ALL allopathic, "BIG PHARM solutions" to general pain mitigation and specifically joint-pain in favour of cannabis therapies, and with trial and error have found the 10mg THC/10mg CBD formulation to be the BEST combo for me. In addition to drinking a mug of the Hot Chocolate Cocoa powder advertised elsewhere on this site, to aid me with insomnia and end-of-day pain, sometimes during the day I need a bit more help with pain cessation, and this product is ably doing the job for me. So it is a bit distressing to hear that Apothecary Labs is closing shop because I've ordered a variety of their products in the last year and a half and I have been MORE than satisfied with their claims, quality and efficacy. I hope there's time to buy more -- it's a bit tough to come up with the dosh during the Christmas holidays, but if you do have some stashed away, consider purchasing the Apothecary Labs products, like these capsules, while you's value for money, effective and SAFE to use. I'm ever so grateful to have found this site, and this product, and hope I can find an equivalent to it, soon! Many thanks for making my life living with Lyme SO much easier!

Good product
Review by David / (Posted on 12/1/2018)

Just the right combination of THC/CBD for de-stressing after a long, busy day without feeling couch-locked.