It is no surprise that a majority of the cannabis items that we sell are Edibles/Medibles. With the up coming legisation here in Canada we felt it may be valuable for us to share some of our information on responsible edible consumption to our new & existing clients. Every cannabis user has a different tolerance level. Some clients may feel the effects of cannabis in as low of a dose as 1-2mg THC, while others need much higher doses to feel the effects. Here are some general guidelines to help you when consuming edibles.

How Much Should I Consume

First Time User
If you've never consumed a cannabis edible (even if you are a frequent cannabis smoker), we recommend you start with a 1-5mg THC dose

Occasional User
We recommend starting with a 5-10mg THC dose

Frequent User
We recommend starting with a 10-15mg THC dose and working to a higher dosage until you find a level that works for you. Higher doses are reserved for very experienced clients or for medical patients.

Please note that effects of consuming edibles can also be influenced by fatigue, hydration and your diet, which can make the effects of consuming cannabis stronger or weaker even with exactly the same dosage.

Be Patient
The effects of cannabis edibles are typically experienced within 30-120 minutes after consumption.

Read the Package
If the edibles you are considering does not clearly indicate how many mg of THC are in each serving, or if the serving size is not clear, consider consuming a different product.

Check for Allergens
Some edibles may contain common allergens like peanuts and soy. Always check the list of ingredients to make sure you know what you're consuming and when in doubt ask the retailer supplying the edible.

Driving While High is a DUI
Cannabis edibles can alter your reaction time and mental perception, Driving high results in the same penalties as if you were to drive drunk. Do not operate a motor vehicle if you are under the influence of cannabis.

Safe Storage at Home
Cannabis products are not intended for children/youth. To ensure your edibles do not end up in the hands of minor and pets, please store in a locked secure space.

Do Not Consume with Alcohol or Other Controlled Substances.
Consuming cannabis with alcohol or controlled substances can alter its effects.

If there is anything you think that we left out, Feel free to share your thought in the comment box below.