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No Tricks Just Treats Halloween Contest


With Halloween just around the corner (and since it has been a bit since we hosted a contest) we wanted to offer our clients a little giveaway. Now it would be weird for a online dispensary to do a costume contest "like dress up as your cannabis bud & post it on Instagram" but we do sell cannabis candies and chocolates and that is kinda part of Halloween.

Here is how the contest works!

  • First you will need to register for an account, that is super easy just click on the little person icon under the search bar.

  • After you are register and/or signed in simply visit your favorite infused candies or chocolates in our catalog and share them with your friends using the social media icons (email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest) under the add to cart button.

    • Simple right! Each product you share will have a custom link that is assigned to your account. Here is the good part aka The Treats each time your link is clicked you will receive one Lifted Point* . At the end of the contest the top three clients with the most links clicked will receive additional bonus Lifted Points.

      One(1) Lifted Point for each referred visit.
      1st Place - 100 Bonus Lifted Points.
      2nd Place - 50 Bonus Lifted Points.
      3rd Place - 25 Bonus Lifted Points.

      Coast to Coast Medicinals

      FINE PRINT: Contest will run from Oct 20th, 2017 through to Oct 31st, 2017. Referral visits can be reviewed under the 'My Referral' link in your account dashboard. *All referral points will be tallied by Nov 7th, 2017 and awarded to all participating accounts at that time. Coast to Coast reserves the right to cancel or modify contest at anytime. The use of robots, automated scripts & traffic exchange sites are not permitted.

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  • Dennis Pasheka


  • Michael

    Wow! Grand prize of $4 off an order!

    • Coast to Coast

      We wanted to address this comment as there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding this giveaway/contest.
      Everyone that participates with be given Lifted Points (that will be added to their point balance) based on the number of referral visits from their personal link.
      If you receive 10 visits - you get 10 Lifted Points, If you get 10,000 visits - you get 10,000 Lifted Points all of which can be used towards future purchases.
      There is no limit to the number of referral visit your link can generate so there is no limit to the number of Lifted Points you can earn.
      The 1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes are just bonus Lifted Points we are offering as a Thank You for being awesome and are not the Grand Prizes.
      Hope this clears up any confusion.