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How To Use Phoenix Tears Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)


Phoenix Tears Rick Simpson Oil, known as RSO is a concentrated form of cannabis oil that has been known to help patients with medical issues such as cancer. It's important to get the oil into the patient’s body in the easiest and most pleasant way possible. RSO can be taken topically, orally or as a suppository.  It's suggested that the oil should be placed as close as possible to the medical problem which is being treated.

Example : Colon, prostate and ovarian cancer we'd recommend using a suppository. For those who are suffering with stomach or liver cancer etc. It's recommended to ingest the oil by mouth. Those suffering from skin cancer should apply oil topically to affected areas and cover with bandage and change every 3 - 4 days.

Your goal is to gradually consume 60 grams of Phoenix Tears Rick Simpson Oil over the course of a 90-day period.

How to use RSO in earlier stages of medical conditions.

DAY 1 - 3 : Start with three doses (about 1/4 of a drop) per day (morning, noon and night). Try to do every 8hrs.
Day 4 : If able to, increase your doses by doubling the amount.
Day 8 : Double your dosage again and continue this every 4 days.

After about 3 to 5 weeks you should be able to ingest 1 gram or 1 ml per day. Once you reach this dosage you can continue at this rate until your medical issues are under control. This means that after you've become accustomed to the oils use, each dose ingested will equal 8 to 9 drops every 8 hours.

By using the Rick Simpson method, this allows your body time to build up a tolerance for this medication slowly and once you've becomes accustomed to the oils effects, most say they actually enjoy taking it.

How to use RSO for those who have been damaged by chemo or radiation

Ingest 180 grams or 180 ml’s of high quality oil, as quickly as you can and this will give you the best chance to survive.

Once you have become accustomed to the oils use, you should not encounter any problems ingesting 180 grams or 180 ml’s in 5 to 6 months and often can even accomplish this much more quickly.

Tips :

  •  Everyone has different tolerances. So some will be able to up their dosages more quickly than others

  • If ingested, you might not feel the oils effects for about an hour.

  • By following Rick's procedure, many patients have reported that they felt that they had not experienced the high, which this oil can cause.

  • The main side effect of this medication is sleep and rest. This is important to your healing so don't fight it and relax :)


At the end of your treatment, continue taking the oil, about 1 to 2 grams a month. Take a drop or two at night before bedtime to maintain good health.


We are not medical doctors, so for any questions regarding the use of RSO alongside various pharmaceuticals please consult a medical doctor who supports the use of medical cannabis and who has experience with it.

Please contact us if wanting more info. Click HERE.

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  • Randy Cornish

    Hi. My daughter Katelyn was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year. We were told about Rick Simpson Oil and I started a gofundme page to raise the funds to get this oil for her. Could you please send me information on where I can get it and prices. I thank you for your time. I live in Vernon B.C. Canada

  • Richard

    Thank to doctor Richard ,I was diagnosed of (HIV) in 2017 and I have tried all possible means to get cured, i even visited phonologist but all to no avail, until i saw a post in a health forum about a herbal doctor from Africa who prepare herbal medicine to cure all kind of diseases cancer including HIV/AIDS, at first i doubted if it was real but decided to give it a try, when i contacted this herbal doctor via his email he sent me the HIV/Aids herbal medicine through courier service, when i received this herbal medicine, he gave me step by instructions on how to apply it, when i applied it as instructed i was totally cured of this deadly disease within 12-14 days of usage

  • jonesleton

    My mother's Stage IV breast cancer and MS has just been cured with the Rick Simpson Oil. To hell with the government and their insane policy, we have a medication that is hundred percent assured to cure cancer and you don’t need to spend so much money on chemo anymore , radiation or surgeries that wouldn’t work.

  • patrick maina

    Here is my story. greatful

    My wife was diagnosed with a cancer, ( before i learnt of Rick Simpsons oil
    / RSO ) the hospital said to do chemotherapy and radiotherapy.. she did..
    and went through a lot.. but no cure, after a while the doctors said the
    cancer was spreading and we could look for alternatives.. i searched the
    internet and found out about the oil.. asked alot of questions.. watched
    the videos etc.. we made the oil our selves but it couldn't just work out
    we were doing more harm than good and the cancer was still there spreading,
    i searched more on the internet i found a testimony on how a lady got the
    oil via an email.
    immediately copied the email and in an hour later i
    got a reply back asking me some few questions, and enlightened me on how to
    get the oil in the next 48hours, i placed my order and in the next 48hours
    the medication oil got to us. immediately my wife started using the oil, it
    been two months now, since my wife has been using the medication oil and
    the cancerous problems are gone this very fact was clarified by the doctor.

    i put up this piece of testimony for the sake of those once who need this
    oil to please don't die in silence their is a cure for your cancer today

  • Pedro Smith

    I am so grateful to Rick for providing me with Hemp oil here is the United State of America. I was diagnose with brain cancer 3 years ago, and ever since then i have done a lot of Chemo and Radiation that have not help me, but only damaged my immune system and render it weak and helpless. I came across the Phoenix Tears and i have read about the Hemp oil a lot and saw that I could provide me with Hemp Oil here is the State, to my surprise the medication was procured and delivered within 48 hours and i have been on treatment for the past 3 months. Am now here to testify that am no more a cancer patient, I have experience a total transformation in my health sector with Rick Simpson Hemp oil.
    pedro smith.

  • Ruth Douglas

    How do I make my own rso oil?

  • Danin montana

    I have been on RSO for a year , today. I have late stage Myelo-fibrosis (blood cancer) I started making my own blood 6mos ago. My blood #s continue to go up.....soon, with the grace of GOD and Rso I will be cured. Sooooooon.

  • kovak novak

    My dad was diagnosed with brain tumor in March 2017 and since then we have done chemo 3 times but the cancer stays behind. A few months earlier, I heard about cannabis oil and its healing effect a i contacted him and my dad started treatment immediately with the cannabis oil, after using the cannabis oil for treatment, He was completely cured and as I write now, my dad can walk around the house without any support from anyone and go out anytime he chooses.

    Ashley Frost.

  • Bella

    Can cannabis oil cure benign tumours? My brothers have come back and they want him to have radiotherapy but I’d rather him try this if it will help him.

    • Coast to Coast

      Hi Bella,

      Cannabis oil can improve a patient over all health during regular/prescribed medical treatments.
      It can help with lack of hunger, sleeping and nausea which are adverse symptoms of treatments.


  • Tina

    I have breast cancer ..and have had a lumpectomy —-will still need chemo and radiation —-can you recommend what kind I should buy —sure would appreciate if you could share your knowledge .

    • Fig Newton

      God Bless
      I'm cured ! You do what they tell you to do with the RSO NOW !
      RSO will be all you need . Believe God left YOU this plant to get well NOW ! Sounds to Easy ! God Would Not Make it Hard for you to get well today ! Stand Up and Consume Your Oil !
      It's that easy ! Do what they say and make your own OIL !

  • Christ james

    A great testimony i must share to all cancer patient in the world i never believed that their could be any complete cure for lung cancer or any cancer,i saw people’s testimony on blog sites of how Rick Simpson cannabis oil brought them back to life again i had to try it too and you cant believe that in just few weeks i started using it all my pains stop gradually, and i had to leave without using the drugs the doctor gave to me,right now i can tell you that for months now i have never had any pain and i have just went for text and the doctor confirmed that there is no trace of any cancer again,glory be to Jesus for leading me to this genuine man called Rick Simpson, i am so happy for sharing this testimony,my advice to you people that think that their is no cure for cancer,just contact and get the oil treatment from Rick Simpson try it and you will not regret it because it truly works
    Thanks and God bless you.

  • Dayle

    I have a friend that has lymphoma cancer in the brain just wondering if this would work for him as the doctors have stopped all treatment due to being to ill, his left side is paralyzed and he can barely speak. Thank you for any info to help

  • Byrne Ann

    I want to in a specially thank Rick Simpson for saving my friend's life with his healing oil. some years back my friend Rose was diagnosed with a deadly disease cancer of the lungs, we try all medication all to no avail, we also try to do the oil our selves but we were doing more harm than worse. until I saw a post on facebook on how the cannabis oil had cured a cancer patient

    From that very moment we just have to give it a trier, instantly we got a reply from him asking us what the exact cancer problem that my friend Rose has, we explained every details of it to him and he told us, that his oil will heal my friend cancer problem only if we can order for it as soon as possible.
    He calculated the dosage for us to buy i think the dosage he calculated was 60grams of the oil which we ordered plus 30grams maintenance free and also with a body lotion and soap. He told us that if we order it online now by the next 48hours the medication will get to our door step through the delivery services, we decided to give it a try and behold when we did exactly 48hours of ordering the medication came to our door step through the delivery agent and deliver it to us. immediately we emailed Rick back that we have gotten the medication, and the usage instruction manual was also delivered to us. my friend Rose started the medication immediately just after a month of using Rick Simpson cannabis oil, Rose is now free from cancer problem, she is living a healthy life my utmost priority of sharing this short testimony is for those that are suffering from my kind of cancer diseases or if your friend or family members are suffering from this deadly disease, please don't die in silence there is a cure for your cancer today don't waste anytime further you have to email Rick Simpson directly and save your live and the lives of others

  • Lynne

    Has Cannabis cured cancer in the past I have colon cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes I ordered some Cannabis from you and am slowly taking the doses you recommend. Can I get rid of this cancer with Cannabis? Thanks for your time Lynne

    • Coast to Coast

      Hi Lynne,

      Although we personally make no claims of cannabis curing cancer, there are reports of people going into remission or seeing improved results from using cannabis products. We have also had customers who purchased RSO from us tell us that their father, spouse, etc seen great improvements. We believe cannabis can improve your quality of life while going through treatment. This includes being able to get a restful nights sleep, regaining your appetite, reducing stress & nausea related to treatment; All of which are important in helping the body heal.

  • Veronik

    Hello! It would be great if you could point me in the direction of bulk buying or wholesale pricing for Phoenix tears rick simpson oil so I can buy once a month instead of weekly.

    • Coast to Coast

      Here is a link to 100gram jar. If you need more please call/email us. https://www.coasttocoastmedicinals.com/rick-simpson-oil-100-gram.htm

    • Coast to Coast

      Hi Veronik,
      Here is the link to the Wholesale RSO Oil
      Bulk pricing / Wholesale RSO Oil / Phoenix Tears

  • drago nagode

    I just want to know how to or go about purchasing RSO oil...a family member has been diagnosed with possible ovarian cancer....just would like some info on getting this oil..thx

  • Mercedes

    1 gram Phoenix Tears RSO oil https://www.coasttocoastmedicinals.com/rick-simpson-oil.htm

    5 grams Phoenix Tears RSO Oil https://www.coasttocoastmedicinals.com/rick-simpson-oil-5-gram.htm

    14 grams Phoenix Tears RSO Oil

    Bulk pricing / Wholesale RSO Oil / Phoenix Tears

  • Dani

    We've been buying phoenix tears from these guys for 2 months now. My dad has stage 3 cancer and it has helped tremendously with his pain! It's unbelievable how a tiny amount can do so much and help make my dads days more enjoyable. Time will tell how it's helping with his cancer and I'll be sure to let Coast to Coast know! They have been truly amazing with helping us on bulk buying. I totally recommend these guys! My review is on the product as well ;)