CBD Tincture - 8.5mg
Purely Medicinal CBD Tincture - 8.5mg

CBD Tincture - 8.5mg

CBD Tincture. 8.5mg CBD. Comes in a 30ml bottle.
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CBD Tincture. 8.5mg CBD. Comes in a 30ml bottle. Tinctures can be taken **sublingually (under tongue) and have a quick onset. Oil based tinctures can be dropped under the tongue or swished in the mouth before swallowing. Due to the intense nature of Ethanol, those tinctures can be added with juice prior to swishing in mouth.

Tinctures are best stored in the fridge, away from sunlight or direct heat to extend the life of the carrier base and avoid denaturing molecules.

5 types are available: THC, CBD (In two different strengths), Halley’s Comet (1:1), and THC-A.

The Most Bioavailable.

CBD tincture available in 3 different bases : Ethanol, MCT Oil and Grapeseed

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CBD Tincture - 8.5mg

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