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Apothecary Infused Coconut Oil 100ml

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Apothecary Infused Coconut Oil 100ml
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Apothecary infused coconut oil. 100ml jar.

165mg THC per jar – 22mg of THC per tablespoon

Delicious cannabis infused virgin organic coconut oil.

22mg of THC per tablespoon.

100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Delicious tasting.

Use in cooking, smoothies or anywhere you would use coconut oil.

Great for cuts, rashes & abrasions.

Apothecary coconut oil is made from only the best quality organic coconut oil infused with a organic Indica hybrid cannabis. Using their proprietary method allows for the terpenes and cannabinoids to be fully infused into the oil. The oil is great as a topical or consumed. Use it in a smoothie, bake with it, or straight off the spoon.

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Consider Apothecary Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil for Aching Joints associated with Lyme Tick Disease
Review by Rosemary / (Posted on 8/21/2018)

At the risk of sounding redundant, I cannot praise Apothecary Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil for Aching Joints loud enough or often enough!
After a decade of searching for an affordable and efficacious non-Big-Pharm general health product, I've finally found this one which is edible/topical and which mitigates the pain of inflamed joints, recurring skin lesions at the original sites of my multiple Lyme Tick bites (10 yrs, 3 mos ago), the frustration of insomnia, dizziness, vertigo, low-energy, depression and a few other unexpected results, such as facial wrinkle-reduction, relief for eye pain, restoration of skin tone and finger/toenail health. It also works to relieve anxiety. This is ABSOLUTELY my primary, all-around agent to help me in my battle with Lyme Tick disease. I just took receipt of 3 more jars this week.
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this wonderful, highly-effective, multi-use product!

Loving the Apothecary Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil for Aching Joints
Review by Rosemary / (Posted on 7/10/2018)

In my never-ending search for salves, tinctures and other preparations to help mitigate the pain and discomfort of the many symptoms I experience as a sufferer of Lyme Tick Disease (10 years), I have found MANY here on Coast2Coast Medicinals. Once again, I've lucked upon a product -- Apothecary Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil Indica 100ml -- which I chiefly use as a balm for my joint-inflamed wrist, fingers, shoulders, knees and ankles. I often take long walks with my dogs in the forest, and come home with aching feet, hands and shoulders. After a shallow, hot mineralized bath, I apply the oil to the affected areas where I experience joint inflammation. You can actually FEEL the oil penetrating the target areas. This way, within 20 minutes, I'm able to enjoy a pain-free night's sleep. I also rub a minute amount on my temples if I feel a head-ache coming on, and before going out in the sun, I apply a very thin amount on my face, chest and other areas subject to UV rays. Though I'm outdoors a lot, I've yet to get a sunburn, even with my pale skin. VERY IMPRESSED with this product, which I WILL be purchasing again, soon. Highly recommended!

Loving the Apothecary Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil
Review by rosemurray / (Posted on 4/14/2018)

Last week I received (quick shipping!) a tin of the Apothecary Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil. So far, have been using it topically, after a shallow hot bath with cannabis infused bath salts, to relieve the pain and itching of shin and forearm lesions, a symptom of Lyme Tick Disease. I often have weeping, open wounds, but this week, after the FIRST bath and application of the infused oil, my lesions began to heal nicely, for the first time in 10 years! Not only that, all the redness and scarring appears to be disappearing with this daily regimen. I have tried all manner of prescribed and over the counter cremes, cortisones, etc, to no avail, and besides, they're a product of Big Pharma, and likely poisonous, in essence. So, I'm going to keep bathing in the cannabis salts and applying this topical oil, and with luck, this might be the first summer I can wear capri pants or shorts, and short sleeved shirts, without being embarrassed by my lesions and scars! SO glad I took a chance on this produce....worth every cent! Thank you!