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Lights Out Lollipop (300mg)

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Lights Out Lollipop (300mg)

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Lights Out Lollipops are made specially for high tolerant patients or when you just need a good nights sleep. Do not try to function after eating one of these. Hand made using quality distillate, each lolly contains 300mg* of THC.

Lights Out Lollipops are available in grape, green apple, root beer and cherry flavors.

* Lights Out Lollipops have not been lab tested for potency.

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Review by Brett / (Posted on 4/14/2017)

Damn, i got wrecked from this. I am an experienced chronic user of cannabis for over 7 years now, not only do i have pain, but i love the head high, this product was perfect for both. i laughed my ass off watching tv, and slept like a baby afterwards. worth the money. BE CAREFUL, VERY POTENT.