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Shop online with Coast to Coast Medicinals for Psilocybin. Also known as magic mushrooms and shrooms.

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11 Items

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  1. African Transkei Magic Mushrooms
  2. Blue Meanies - Panaeolus cyanecens
  3. Chuck Noris Mushrooms
  4. F*ck Covid Variety Pack F*ck Covid Variety Pack
    F*ck Covid Variety Pack
     Regular Price $1,000.00 Special Price $499.99
  5. Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms
  6. Jedi Mind Fuck Mushrooms
  7. Magic Mushroom Variety Sample Pack
  8. Mother's Day Surprise Gift Bag
    Mother's Day Surprise Gift Bag
     Regular Price $250.00 $199.99
  9. Penis Envy Mushrooms
  10. Texas Yellow Caps Mushrooms
  11. Texas Orange Caps Mushrooms
    Out of Stock

11 Items

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