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2.5mg Cannabis Capsules - Sweet Skunk

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2.5mg Cannabis Capsules - Sweet Skunk
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2.5mg cannabis capsules. Made with Sweet Skunk marijuana. Whole flower used. Sweet Skunk is the supposed cross of Northern Lights and Skunk. This pairing of opposites creates a potent hybrid strain with a strong cerebral bent while offering mid-level body effects.

Ingredients : Organic virgin coconut oil, cannabis flower, k-cap (vegitable capsule). Made in Canada.

Cannabinoid Facts:
Total Cannabinoids 2.5mg
THC Total 2.189mg
THCA 0.253mg
THC(decarb) 1.94mg
CBGTotal 0.231mg
CBGA 0.191g
CBG (decarb) 0.135mg
CBN 0.27mg
CBD 0.00mg
CBC 0.033mg
A9 THCV 0.017mg

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